The Walki way

The Walki Way

To help our customers succeed, we do business the Walki way. Our philosophy has three elements and we do everything to make sure we have them covered. First and foremost, we make certain that we are constantly focused on customer needs. Secondly, we work harder to guarantee that our employees are the best-trained and most responsive professionals in the industry. Finally, we invest in a process of continual innovation. All of these elements share common ground: In everything we do, we always strive to minimize the environmental impact and to honour our company values, integrity, initiative and commitment.

Customers Covered

We are committed to leading change rather than following it. We focus on innovation, creating value and fuelling the growth of our customers’ business. To do this effectively, we provide a comprehensive range of high quality, customer-dedicated solutions backed up by a thorough understanding of our customers’ business processes.

People Covered

We have a thousand Walki professionals working in facilities all over Europe and in Asia. As a global company, we benefit immeasurably from this diversity. Our differences in cultures, education, experience and professions help make us stronger. Not only does the multicultural nature of our operations give us a more global perspective, it also results in a unique network of expertise.

Innovation Covered

We strive to be a thought-leader and forerunner, defining the future of our industry through technological industry firsts and investment in research and development. We make it our business to lead the industry in the technological development and innovation of high quality products.

Sustainability Covered

A guideline for all our actions is minimization of environmental impacts. This ambition embraces efficient use of materials and energy, using energy from renewable resources as well as reducing our CO2footprint, among other things. Through our innovations we strive to create sustainable coating and laminated solutions and contribute to minimizing packaging materials and waste.

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