Metal Industry

Metal wrap solutions for highest protecting demands.
Walki®Steelex products are well know in the steel market to cover highest protective demands. We provide explicit solutions for different end uses and metal applications.Different types of steel, ways of transportation as well as the way of handling and preparation require customized solutions with well selected high quality raw materials.

Our customers are making the differences and we provide the systems:
Our Wrapping material provide moisture and rust protection during transport and storage time (rust protection last up to 1a and strongly depend on the outside conditions).

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Our Walki®Steelex products are manufactured with :
VCI/ACV systems which provide highly active rust protective properties
with Creped or plain paper which provides advantages in terms of product handling and the control of the moisture content inside the packaging
The protective outside PE coatings provide the necessary moisture barrier.

- V.C.I Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor
- Full protection after the wrapping is finished and 100% achieved after 5min. In practice this is dependent on the temperature, humidity and air pressure conditions.
- VCI impregnated material is effective not only in direct contact but also at a distance of up to 30cm.
- VCI material is recyclable and can be disposed
- Creped paper solutions provide Elongation between 10-25%
- The best result is shown with VCI creped paper
- Plane or creped paper up to 3,0 m are available
- Product grammages last from 80gsm up to 190gsm

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