Competitive advantage by Paper Antennas. Walki 4E antennas are produced using a new technology, Walki®4E, comprising computer to antenna manufacturing, special lamination and laser cutting of the antenna. This allows for extremely efficient and economical production.
The Walki 4E antennas are ecologically sustainable since no chemicals are necessary to make them. The four E’s of Walki®4E stand for efficiency, exactness, economy and ecology.

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Walki® 4E antennas enable RFID inlay manufacturers to introduce a game changer product in their product offering. By having inlayless RFID tags based on Walki® 4E paper based antennas, the RFID inlay manufacturers are able to improve the profitability of their products by lower component costs and improved efficiencies. At the same time they are able to introduce true sustainability to the RFID market. UHF (RAIN RFID) antennas are available in mass volumes.

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