Logging Residue Cover

Maximizing the energy value of forest residue

Walki®Biomass Cover is a strong, paper-based laminate for protecting logging residue and thinned wood intended for bioenergy from rain, snow and ice while stored in the forest. Proper covering can reduce the moisture content in the residue by up to 18%, ensuring higher energy value.
For most of the year precipitation is greater than evaporation, which is why it is essential to protect the forest residue from moisture if it is to be ideal for use as bioenergy. Using this unique cover therefore allows the wood piles to become considerably drier than if they were left unprotected.

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Walki®Biomass Cover

Other advantages offered by Walki®Biomass Cover:

  • Easy to use: laid onto the residue by the same machinery that gathers it.
  • Can be delivered in 4 or 6 metres widths, the widest cover in the market.
  • Can be printed to identify the owner or to give instructions for use
  • Made mostly from renewable, fibre-based material.
  • Can be chipped and burnt together with the residue

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