Mineral oil migration

Walki can produce a coating that provides a barrier against water
vapour and grease, and keeps mineral oils out. A coating that can be used for corrugated or solid boards or for flexible materials, such as inner bags.

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Benefits with Walki-MOST barrier:
- Independently tested effective barrier against mineral oil migration
- Food approval for direct food contact according to EU directive 10/2011
- Provides water vapour and grease barriers
- Heat-sealable
- Works on recycled fibre board material available on the European market
- Glued by dispersion and hot melt glues
- Suitable for hot filling and pasteurisation
- No set-off due to a polymer surface which is mineral oil repellent
- Suitable for reels and sheets
- Additional barrier properties against substances such as Benzophenone,
Bishphenol A, DIPN and Softeners
- Dedicated product solutions for cartons, case liners and flexible inner bags
- Tested to be repulpable at PTS
- Cross contamination avoided by hermetic closed packaging of secondary or transport packaging’s DSD 5% conform; depending on application structure ( e.g Board 380+MOST 20)
- Also available on virgin fibre material to avoid remaining risk


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