Luxury Packaging

If you have a luxury product you need to pack you might need a luxury package as well. You can get from us a barrier board surface with gold, silver or holographic surface, and if you need to pack it in a corrugated board or solid board box you can also get from us a PET-liner with a gold or silver surface.

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Walki®Line Ultra

· PET/PE/paper laminates, wide range, grammage 70-500 g/m²
· Mainly used for corrugated boar but can also be used for solid board
· Brown or white top
· Virgin fibres or recycled fibres
· PET resists high temperatures on corrugating machine
· Can also be pre-printed
· Transparent or metallized PET-film (silver, gold, different colours)
· Non-scratching surface
· Direct contact on PET-side allowed with all foodstuffs (dry, wet, fatty)
· Repulpable/recyclable
· Typical end applications: boxes for meat, poultry, fish, seafood, pastries, cooking fats, sweets, fast food, trays for foods, flowers, electronics, scratch sensitive articles

Walki®Pack Metalex

High quality metallized and holographic films laminated with polymers or adhesives to a range of suitable base boards, that gives the customer a wide range of decorative and functional barrier opportunities to choose from. Typical end uses are for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, tobacco and luxury goods cartons.

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Walki®Pack Metalex

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