Grease wrap

When packing butter and other fat you need a material with a good barrier against fat.

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Walki®Foil is a packaging material for foodstuffs, provided with an aluminium surface and excellent barrier properties. Typical end uses areas are butter and margarine wrapping, packaging material for sweets, chocolate and coffee, hot food pouches and ice cream cornets.

· Designed for printing on the aluminium side.
· Food contact approved polymer or paper surface against foodstuffs.
· Excellent aroma, gas, grease/oil, water vapour and light barrier.
· Excellent dead-fold properties.
· Laminate stiffness according to end-use requirements.
· Matt or bright aluminium surface appearance.
· Suitable for use in flexo and rotogravure printing.
· Good organoleptics.

Walki®Line GP

· Grease proof liners

· Grease barrier
· Moisture barrier
· Good release properties
· End use examples: boxes for fat foodstuffs, pet foods, boxes for oily products (metal spare parts)

Walki®Line Ultra

· PET/PE/paper laminates, wide range, grammage 70-500 g/m²
· Mainly used for corrugated boar but can also be used for solid board
· Brown or white top
· Virgin fibres or recycled fibres
· PET resists high temperatures on corrugating machine
· Can also be pre-printed
· Transparent or metallized PET-film (silver, gold, different colours)
· Non-scratching surface
· Direct contact on PET-side allowed with all foodstuffs (dry, wet, fatty)
· Repulpable/recyclable
· Typical end applications: boxes for meat, poultry, fish, seafood, pastries, cooking fats, sweets, fast food, trays for foods, flowers, electronics, scratch sensitive articles

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