Walki has developed a new technology for producing an environmentally friendly, paper-based furniture foil. The new technique for applying UV lacquer and ink makes the surface on the furniture foil even more resistant without compromising lightness.

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Walki®Furniture Line

Walki-Furniture Line has successfully been delivered to foils for back panels for the furniture industry for several years. A new technique for applying UV lacquer and ink, making the surface even more resistant while still maintaining lightness.

We can produce large reels of furniture foil of up to 3,5 metres in width. Typical size is about 1,5 to 2,5 metres.

The base web is based on paper fibres, making it substantially more environmentally friendly than other alternatives on the market. The foil is also formaldehyde free.

Our technique also needs less colouring than other alternatives on the market, further enhancing its advantage from an environmental perspective.

Walki®Furniture Line

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