Building and Living

Walki’s vast range of construction membranes and facings, industrial laminates and energy saving laminates for the construction industry offers solutions that are optimized for various demanding circumstances, always with two main priorities in mind: end-use functionality and energy saving. Another top priority for Walki is environmental sustainability, which we pursue in our choices of material and our production processes as well as in the functionality of the final product.

Construction membranes and plasterboard facings Walki’s range of breathable construction membranes, facings and laminates addresses an issue of increasing importance: energy saving combined with... Read more ›

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Food, Retail, Transport packaging

Adding value and providing protection - Walki’s expertise in multilaminates provides a solid base for our production of barrier board, lining materials and flexible materials.

Walki has developed a range of barrier boards specially designed for the folding carton market. By using barrier boards the need for inner wrapping for foodstuffs is largely reduced. Thereby also the amount of packaging needed is reduced, with a positive environmental impact as a consequence. Barrier board is typically used for applications for direct food contact and for non-food packages in end-use sectors like frozen food, fresh food, non food, detergent, pet food, menu trays and lids, cosmetic,... Read more ›

Case Story: Dispersion Wigren and Walki wrap sausages in fibre for recyclable packaging Case Story: Tear strip

Paper and Forest

Walki is a leading producer of reel wrappers for paper industry reels, with an expertise in paper packaging that has been gained throughout decades. Whatever the product is, it is provided with the optimal level of protective barrier layers and the properties for creating the right appearance.

Another important product in our range is Walki®Biomass Cover. This covering material for logging residue and thinned wood intended for bioenergy helps to increase the energy value of the wood by keeping it dry during storage in the forest.


Walki is a manufacturer of packaging for office and graphical papers. We co-operate with all of the major paper producers, who appreciate our top quality products, short lead times and cost-effective, innovative supply chain solutions. Apart from the obvious, giving excellent protection from moisture, dirt and mechanical damage, our ream wrappers offer benefits all along the line, from smooth runnability on the packaging lines to outstanding printing capacities and fulfillment of recycling requirements (EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive 94/62/EC).
Our excellent printing provide you with great opportunities to create appealing looks for your wrappers.

Our... Read more ›

Case Story about printing Case Story about special green coating

Steel and Metals

Wrap your first class steel and metal with a first class wrapper in order to travel stainless and safe from hazards like environmental impacts, mechanical damage and corrosion, caused by condensed water.


RFID and Flexible Circuit Boards

Solutions -4E Technology – RFID
The new, sustainable way of achieving conductivity with sustainable, accurate and reliable laser process.
Walki® 4E RFID Pantennas are manufactured using the proprietary laser based Walki® 4E technology. It is the first feasible alternative to the traditional way of producing antennas by a wet etching process. The technology brings new dimensions of substrate material choices, exactness, cost efficiency and sustainability to the growing RFID, IoT and Flexible Circuit Board markets.
The four E’s of Walki®4E stand for efficiency, exactness, economy and ecology.
Walki® 4E Paper HF/NFC antennas will enable unprecedented... Read more ›


Products in this area are not necessary more technical than in the other areas. These products are gathered here because they might be new for us and have needed some technical support when the innovation work has been done.

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