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Sustainability at walki

At Walki, we see sustainability as a responsibility towards our customers, people we employ and the society and the world we operate in. Our sustainability work focuses on creating a positive environmental and social impact throught our products, in our production and with our people.

We focus on topics where we can make a difference. Safety and being environmentally responsible are fundamental parts of our operations. Through our products and solutions, we are present in the everyday lives of our customers. Our solutions have a direct impact – functionality, safety and user-friendliness – on how food is packaged, how houses are insulated and how industrial goods are protected. Our products also have an undeniable impact on the environment.

Safety, productivity and quality all merge in our business objectives. Our greatest asset is our experienced and skillful workforce. It is our top priority to keep our personnel safe and well. Safety is also the starting point in the development of new products and solutions.

Our strategy is to improve resource efficiency. Our mission is to contribute to the global resource efficiency efforts by focusing on energy and material efficiency. We want environmentally responsible choices to reflect our operations, and the solutions and services we provide to our customers.

In recent years, plastics have come to play a key role in how we manage waste born out of daily consumption. The main problem related to fossil-based plastics is the waste it creates when ending up in landfills. Or even worse, the hazard it poses to living organisms in nature and the oceans. As a producer of multilayer laminates and packaging solutions, we acknowledge our responsibility in tackling this global issue by investing in alternative materials. We are well on our way to transition from fossil-based materials towards renewable and recyclable options.

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