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Walki Safety Principles

At Walki, we care about health and safety. This goes for everybody we deal with: employees, visitors, suppliers and other stakeholders (partners and others). For us, safety is a fundamental requirement that always comes first in everything we do.

We have a wide set of occupational health and safety practices that stem from our values and safety principles. Our values are also reflected in the way we deal with safety issues.

We follow three safety guidelines in our operations:
1. Say NO to accidents
2. Safety starts with me
3. Think before doing

We believe that all accidents can be prevented. Safety is as much about attitude as it is about actions. By taking safety into account in everything we do – from our daily actions to our management philosophy – we can all return home safely after our working day.
Safety always comes first. Safety is a top priority and is considered in everything we do. It cannot be compromised, even for productivity or profits.
Safety is about making the right personal choices. At the end of the day, safety comes down to individual actions. Every individual is responsible for his or her behavior. A safe working environment is created when everybody is mindful of safety.
We monitor and evaluate our safety actions to continuously improve our safety performance.

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