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Welcome to the new Walki web

Published: 21.03.2016

Walki have launched their new homepages. With the renewal of the pages we have wanted to bring them up to modern time. These pages are now customised for different sizes of screens and they will automatically scale if you open them with a mobile phone or tablet.

Whilst wanting our updated website to be fresh and modern we also wanted it to be easy to use. Today we swipe around on the screen and that is now also possible to do on our pages: navigation is now much easier, at the most we have two levels in the navigation, compared to up to six “clicks" in the old pages to get to the bottom level. We also hope, when a visitor entering, Walki is seen in the way that makes most sense from the outside looking in.

Our aim has been to show that Walki is a sustainable company and that we focus on sustainability in all we do and even more a big part of our products are also sustainable.

The navigation part on the top of the pages consist of 5 headlines; Manifesto, Solutions, Walki Lab, About us and Contacts.
Manifesto – articles where we write about us and our products
Solutions – product part. Our products are now arranged in how we believe customers are searching – not how we are internally organized
Walki Lab – innovation page, here visitors can directly in the page send a question directly to the innovators
About us – tells about the company. In this section you also find the careers page
Contacts - this page you should visit if you need contact information to a sales office or plant
On each page we have a common footer area. In here we have chosen to have things that might be needed all the time whatever you are interested in. One new feature is the inclusion of a supplier registration form, the purpose of which is to simplify the process of getting supplier master data for our ERP and Finance systems.

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