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Walki helps Ecocool with thermo-covering

Published: 05.07.2016

Expansion in the home food delivery market and increased regulation in the pharmaceutical industry is driving demand for thermal blankets needed to protect cargo during transportation.

German company EcoCool relies on Walki for insulation material used in its thermal blankets and insulated shipping boxes. Ecocool’s customers include logistics companies who ship pharmaceuticals, online food deliveries and other temperature-sensitive cargo during long-distance flights.

The insulation material, Isohood 2L2, is a double-layer bubble film coated with aluminium. EcoCool’s thermal blankets reflect IR-radiation so they restore heat for transportation of sensitive chemicals during winter, and keep the heat out when shipping pharmaceuticals that need to be kept below a certain temperature.

EcoCool’s thermal blankets reflect IR-radiation. Heat is kept in during transportation of sensitive chemicals in winter, while heat is kept out during air cargo for sensitive pharmaceuticals.

Ever-tightening regulation in the pharmaceutical industry puts Ecocool under pressure. Walki does continuous R&D efforts to help Ecocool comply with regulations.

“We are very happy with the partnership with Walki. It plays a vital part in our success, supplying us with a constant stream of sample materials to test. " says EcoCool’s Florian Siedenburg.

“This product is a good example of innovation and cooperation within the Walki group," explains Steven Verheul, Sales Manager at Walki’s Haarlem plant in the Netherlands.

The Valkeakoski plant in Finland makes the lacquered aluminium which is then combined with bubble film produced in Haarlem.

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