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Inauguration of Walki's Wroclaw plant in Poland

Published: 12.09.2013

Walki's new green field plant in Wroclaw was inaugurated today. As the markets for both consumer and industrial packaging is growing in Eastern Europe, Poland is the ideal location for Walki to build a platform for future growth.

The brand new plant in Wroclaw has a capacity of about 50,000 tonnes annually, and employs 50 persons. Initially, the plant will focus on catering to the customer segments Consumer Packaging and Forest Industry.

"We are talking about a state-of-the-art, purpose-built facility with the latest automation technology", says Timo Finnström, Executive Vice President, Operations.

Shorter lead times and lower carbon footprint
The green field plant was completed in less than seven months after the construction work commenced. The main technology used is extrusion technology, and the first commercial products were delivered in July. Experiences of the new facility have so far been very positive.

The fact that the raw materials are close at hand makes it possible to minimize lead times for customers without compromising on quality.
"Our main markets are in Central Europe. The plant in Wroclaw reduces lead times significantly. Customers can expect to have their deliveries supplied within two weeks", says Leif Frilund, President and CEO.

Wroclaw is an attractive location because of recent investments in road infrastructure in the area. Hosting one of the highest ranked technology universities in Poland, Wroclaw is also ideal for recruiting highly skilled employees. Its central location, in Southern Poland close to growing markets across the German, Czech and Slovakian borders, minimises Walki's carbon footprint as transportation distances are reduced significantly.

Environmental-friendly printing machine
Walki has also recently invested in a flexo-printing machine in the Jatne plant for producing ream wrap mainly for the wrapping of A3 and A4 copy paper reams.
"As the requirements on printing quality are increasing we felt that the time was right for modernisation", says Frilund.

The 10-colour printing machine line is completely automated, and uses 100 per cent water-based colours to minimise the environmental impact.

Brand owners are increasingly betting on frequent campaigns targeted for specific customer segments. This calls for flexibility and short lead times. Walki can now deliver within one week after an order has been placed.

"Customers can expect higher quality, greater flexibility, shorter lead times and more environmental-friendly packaging", says Frilund.

Together with the plant in Kwidzyn near Gdansk, Walki now operates three plants in Poland.

"We have set our eyes firmly on Central Europe. Poland offers an optimal location with the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Ukraine and the Baltic countries at a close distance. Being close to growing markets is also the environmental-friendly choice", concludes Leif Frilund.

Picture 1. Walki's new green field plant will have an annual capacity of 50 000 tonnes.
Picture 2. The market for consumer packaging is growing in Eastern Europe.

The state of the art plant in Wroclaw can answer swiftly to customers' demands.

For more information, please contact:
Leif Frilund
President and CEO
tel. +358 (0)403543330

Timo Finnström
Executive Vice President, Operations
tel. +358 (0)405852648

Tomasz Kusowski
Chairman of the Management Board of Walki Ekopak S.A
tel. +48504066079

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