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How we became Walki

Walki’s expertise in fibre based, intelligent, multilaminate products has a long history, stemming from many different sources, and the Walki Group of today comprises many production facilities that originally were independent companies.

Following the thread of our core competences back in time, we end up in two countries, Finland and the UK:
The origins of our fibre knowhow date back to the earlier days of Finnish paper industry, to 1930 and the foundation of the Paperituote plant in Valkeakoski. In 1964 the Wisapak paper sack plant in Pietarsaari started production, and ten years later the plant added manufacturing of industrial paper to its competence.

Our expertise in extrusion coating was born in the UK. Here the predecessor of Walki Garstang, Clyde Paper Company, was one of the first companies in Europe to install extrusion coating equipment in 1954.

A few milestones:

· Production started in Valkeakoski, Finland, 1930
· Extrusion coating started in UK 1954
· Paper sack production started in Pietarsaari, Finland, 1964
· Walki GmbH established in Germany 1979
· Merger of our plants in Finland, Germany and UK 1996
· Changshu plant established on greenfield site in China 2005
· Independent Walki Group formed 2007 with CapMan as new owner
· Ekopak in Jatne, Poland aquired 2008 – today our Walki Jatne plant
· Meuwissen Industrie B.V. in Holland acquired 2011; now the Walki Haarlem plant
· Walki Svetogorsk, Russia, established 2012
· Walki Kwidzyn, Poland, established 2012
· Walki Wroclaw plant established 2013 in Poland
· One Equity Partners acquired Walki Group in 2018
· Plastiroll in Ylöjärvi, Finland was acquired 2019 – today our Walki Ylöjärvi plant
- Mondi Belcoat NV in Duffel Belgium was acquired 2019; now Walki Duffel plant
- Plasbel S.A in Murcia Spain was aquired in 2021

And where does the name Walki come from?

The name Walki is closely linked to our history. In fact, it goes back to the first paper industry in the town of Valkeakoski, Finland, where Walki still has operations. Here the Walkiakoski paper plant was founded in 1873, the plant name then spelled in accordance with local pronunciation. The name “Walki" was first used for the kraft paper products of the plant, and later, in honour of the 100th anniversary of the plant, the owner Yhtyneet Paperitehtaat (now UPM) extended the use of “Walki" to be included in all its product names.

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